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November Monthly Meeting Sees the Latest from Vodafone

At SNEB’s November meeting, our guest speaker was Chris Sullivan, Service Manager for Vodafone, Auckland. Chris presented us with detailed, wide-ranging picture of the many services provided by this, one of SeniorNet’s major supporters. You can read a detailed report on our Articles page by clicking here.

October Monthly Meeting Sees Large Turnout

At SNEB’s October meeting our guest speaker was Gillian M Eadie, MD, of the Memory Foundation. gillianmeadie

Gillian shares the Sharp Memory message with groups all over New Zealand and internationally. (TVNZ Breakfast, The Listener March 2016, NZ Herald November 2015, TVNZ Good Morning, Oct 2015)

** You can read Christine Fleming’s very entertaining account of this very entertaining meeting now on our Articles page by clicking here.

  • Keep brain connections active and growing gillian-eadie-with-samuel-marsden-seniors
  • How your brain remembers anything
  • Occasional forgetting is usually normal
  • Don’t accept memory loss as inevitable
  • Practical ways to overcome memory lapses
  • Most of us won’t develop dementia
  • A healthy lifestyle matters!

All of us want to retain sharp memory skills. We want to make our own decisions about where we live, how we spend our money and how we enjoy our lives. It used to be thought that ageing means memory loss but neuroscience discoveries have changed all that.

“Our brain connections keep growing all of our lives if we give them something to do.”


After 20 years as an independent school principal, Gillian is currently with the University of Auckland and has chaired the Human Participant Ethics Committee for two and a half years.

After the meeting, Gillian sold copies of the Memory Foundation’s new book, 7-Day Brain Boost Plan and are many other books, magazine articles and articles on or order-able from the above website.

Thanks Gillian!


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SeniorNet Eastern Bays Inc., Auckland is a voluntary organisation for older adults with active minds and who want to keep up with the computer age.

Beginners through to more advanced users are welcome while new topics are constantly being added. We always like to hear from members as to what they would like to have taught. Experienced users are welcome as tutors and every one is encouraged to help with the running of the club.

Our premises, including a teaching room and a seminar room, are located at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, 118 Apirana Avenue (Corner Eastview Road and Apirana Ave) Glen Innes, Auckland, 1072, ph (09) 5282751

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