Christine Fleming Departs

As you may know, Christine Fleming, long-time SeniorNet Eastern Bays member, former Chairperson and author of many informative and entertaining articles for us has resigned from SNEB. She’ll still be involved in SeniorNet by way of the Mac Group in Pakuranga.

Christine Fleming (nee Lawler) was on the steering committee of SeniorNet Eastern Bays in 2000 and immediately became active in course management. She was elected to the chair in 2004, taking over from SNEB founder Russell Comber and her detailed thoughts, reports and articles since that time, up to the present day are preserved in our website records here (there are 7 pages of links!). In 2004, the SNEB teaching rooms were located at West Tamaki Rd but our monthly meetings were held at the Presbyterian Church on St Heliers Bay Road. Christine’s first report as Chairman, embodies an interesting snapshot of the period and you can follow the reports she wrote, both from the chair and as our own reporter of monthly meetings from the above link or by exploring the Articles page, month by month.

Christine passed the Chairmanship on to Eddie Hagen in 2006 but continued to be very active in SNEB, including placing articles and reports on our webpages, then mere adjuncts to a local law firm’s website. It was she who gave me the necessary help and encouragement to set up our own, full and independent site. My original version of our site has since morphed into what you see today but it has preserved all the articles written by the various, members, tutors, chairs and committee people, over the years. Again, though, so many superbly crafted articles up to the present day are from the pen of Christine. As you browse them, you’ll see that they make entertaining and informative reading. I’m still not sure how she managed to remember and capture all the key things about a presentation with just a reporter’s notebook and a pen, versus my own need to laboriously record and transcribe.

Until such time as a replacement reporter comes along, you’ll be stuck with me. Then again, I’m not sure that anyone can quite match Christine’s ability to capture both the basics and the look and feel of all the various occasions.

Wayne Power



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  1. Re Chirstine Fleming.
    Well done Wayne on setting out Christine’s contribution to the history and well being of SNEB. I knew of Christine’s role as chairperson but not the history beyond that. During my role as Chairman, I have had many thought provoking discussions with Christine on the future direction, administration and well-being of SNEB and her interest was ever present.
    Christine attended regularly to our monthly meetings and penned the report for the website in her “journalistic” manner that turned difficult topics into very good stories. I envy this ability to summarize and write a good resume.
    Many thanks to Christine for all those year’s of support and your presence will be missed.
    Noel Thompson

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