Samsung Showcases Many New Products to June Meeting

At our well attended June Meeting, Bruce Mitchell and Sally Vernon showcased many of the latest products from Samsung, including:

The Tab S3 and other tablets, the Galaxy S8 and other smartphones and the Gear VR, 360 camera and other accessories.

It would be fair to say that the above Gear VR and 360 camera combination were the main attractions of the meeting. They enable someone to video a scene from literally every angle, using the 360 camera and later see it or show if to friends using the Virtual Reality goggles. The goggles can accommodate any recent Samsung smartphone but the new S8 is clearly the preferred one. While the VR system is equally suitable for video gamers, I’d venture to say that SNEB members would be more interested in using it to view scenes from the world of tourism or perhaps real estate. In the latter case, it is arguably possible to inspect a house or apartment using them.

There are, of course, competing products from rival companies and we shall, no doubt, be seeing those in due course.

Wayne Power

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