Members Learn More About Tamaki MP, Simon O’Connor, at September Meeting

The meeting was attended by only about 24 members, which is a relatively low turnout for such meetings.

The guest speaker was Simon O’Connor, MP for Tamaki since the 2011 election and Chair of the Health Committee.

Simon briefly outlined his background which includes:

  1. Completing no less than 4 University Degrees;

  2. Completing training to be a Priest in the Roman Catholic Church but deciding not to seek ordination;

  3. Undertaking voluntary work including as a Prison Chaplin and working with homeless people;

  4. Employment with Ministry of Social Development and Southern Cross Health Care;

  5. Having recently married Rachel Trimble, teacher and, in so doing, inheriting 5 step-children.

Given the close proximity of the General Election, Simon spoke generally on the factors influencing what he believed will be a close race. Most of what he said has been well covered in the media.

He did however express the opinion that if Winston Peters is in a position to decide on which of the two major parties will govern, he is more likely to side with Labour. This is because he believes that Labour will offer Winston more than he will get from National, in terms of ministry positions and on policy matters.

He also encouraged those present not to split their party vote and their candidate vote. “If you vote for the National candidate then give National your party vote. If you vote for the Labour candidate, then give Labour your party vote”.

Peter Young

Editor’s Update: Simon O’Connor was re-elected as MP for Tamaki in the September 23rd General Election.

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