Bill Potter Brings a Message of Youthful Outlook

The Guest Speaker at our February Monthly Meeting was Bill Potter, Mentor and Maverick. The main thrust of Bill’s address was that, in spite of our ages (as individuals), we shouldn’t regard ourselves as “old” but rather as a “hot young crowd”. It is just that we have been “hot and young” for longer than most!

Neither does Bill like names and labels that include the words “senior”, “retired”, “third age”, “Grey Power”, “mature”, etc or being described as “a burden on society”. Instead, he sees those of us over 65 years of age as being “contract rewardees” with great political and voting power. The latter follows from the fact that, by the year 2025, 900,000 New Zealanders will be over the age of 65.

Bill was born in Indonesia and spent his early childhood in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. He arrived in New Zealand at the age of 7 but has also spent many years in the USA, as an official of Junior Chamber International.

His words of advice included the need to carry and use a small notebook and pencil, since “the shortest pencil is more effective than the longest memory”. He also suggested that smartphones and dumb owners may well cancel each other out but, by exercising intelligent control over them, each of us can choose to be either a tech giant or a tech prisoner.

In summary, Bill urged us to stop becoming old and to live as if we are the age we want to be. For him, that is 27.

Peter Young

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