SNEB Monthly General Meeting, 10am, 15 August 2018

The above meeting was attended by 19 members. The guest speaker was Amo Ieriko from Age Care Auckland.

This organisation delivers a range of services, programmes and information that aim to improve the health and well-being of older adults. Each year their volunteers give more than 13,000 hours and receive thousands of requests for help. Field Social Workers are also available as are subsidised taxi cards to eligible people and a minibus service available to people living in residential care.

Additional information is available from Age Care Auckland, 57 Rosebank Rd, Auckland 1026, P O Box 19542, Avondale, Auckland 1746; Phone 09 8200184;

Amo’s address dealt with “Driving your car” don’t stop but get better at it.

A large amount of written material was given to members in attendance, including:

  1. An NZ Transport Agency 45 page booklet entitled “THE ROAD AHEAD – Transport options for seniors”. Elaborated “Tips to keep you driving safely” include seeing clearly; staying in control; choosing a safe car; tiredness; keeping up to date with the road code; keeping fit; effects of medication; and several more.
  2. An NZ Transport Agency 21 page booklet entitled “SUPPORTING SENIOR DRIVERS – How friends and family can help”. This is addressed to friends of older drivers to help them stay mobile as long as possible, with or without a car.
  3. Six worksheet notes covering 20 pages, covering assessing your driving safely; key safety factors; walk safely; how ageing affects your safety; intersection give-way rules; motorways and open roads; and statistics demonstrating the increased vulnerability of drivers as our age increases.

The last statement will no doubt attract a reaction from some members. The paper does, however, point out that while younger drivers are at a greater risk of having a crash, the consequences of a crash are more severe for senior drivers. This is the case regardless of who was at fault.

Finally, Amo showed members a very useful set of safety videos. You can see these (in another tab) by clicking here.

Peter Young


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