Bubbling enthusiasm masks serious need

Gizmo? Gizmo, according to Wikipedia, is a gadget – especially one whose real name is unknown or forgotten. Well, Dee Kemp-Towns from Independent Living Services had oodles of gadgets to demonstrate to members of SeniorNet Eastern Bays at their March meeting. Even when she put a name to them, quite … Continue reading

Give brain connections something to do

Eggs on ears, greens on knees. Breakfast. Sudoku. Synapses snapping. Neural pathways. That niggling worry you didn’t close the garage door before leaving town. Or turned off the iron. Where on earth are your glasses? Back to those snapping synapses and those neural pathways. And to growing your dentrites. In … Continue reading

Computer technology: just delve into it!

Grant Sidaway is a dab hand at woodwork- something a caveman would have known a thing or two about. The Wellington-based executive officer of the SeniorNet Federation is also a dab hand with this century’s 3D printing; entry-level anyway. Save a graphic on a computer, hit the print button and … Continue reading

Sprawl on the sofa to soak up internet stuff: rich fodder for couch potatoes

Tightly spaced seating crammed into the seminar room was not enough to accommodate everyone who turned up for SeniorNet Eastern Bays’ April meeting: people overflowed into the adjoining hall – surely a sign that the speaker’s subject would be hitting the mark. And hit the mark it did. Wayne Power, … Continue reading

Libraries’ digital alternative to bricks and mortar: February meeting sees way in

I did as I was told. I had a play. And could have kept on “playing” while in fact unearthing some fascinating trivia. Did you know for instance that floods on the Kalgoolie goldfields late in January 1939 resulted from abnormal rainfall of 18 inches in that week. The mean annual … Continue reading

Learn post purchase at point of sale

Have you noticed, if you look at Noel Leeming advertisements, that the retailer has recently been mentioning its open learning centres for customers purchasing certain categories of goods? It sounds a good deal: a 30 minute introduction to the product, free of charge. If, say, you’re buying a printer the … Continue reading

The good, the bad and the ugly – the technology twist

Paul Caldwell does the vacuum cleaning. Three hearty cheers for a man who knows a house doesn’t look after itself. But, he admits, he does it with a robot. And he controls seemingly everything with a universal remote. Paul, development manager of Need a Nerd, was guest speaker at the … Continue reading