Basic Computing Skills in Windows7 (level 1) [Course 116]

Ten 2 hour classes for $60


This course is for real beginners in computing. You will learn how to start the computer, manipulate the mouse and then learn about the keyboard and its special keys. You will learn about the World Wide Web using the browser program called Internet Explorer and how to receive and send plain text emails using the popular Google webmail service called Gmail. For more in depth study of these topics you should enrol in the Level 2 courses offered.


No previous experience is necessary, although old touch typists with their knowledge of the standard querty keyboard will have a huge head start!

Topics Covered Include

Hardware Required

To come to SeniorNet, you must own your own computer and have a Broadband internet connection. Your computer can be a desktop or a laptop with the Windows7 operating system.

Software Required

Windows7 with the standard web-browser Internet Explorer v11. Basics for Windows8 is taught in a separate course.