Email 2 for all using Gmail (level 2) [Course 117]

Four 2 hour classes for $30


This course follows from the Level 1 basic Computing for Internet and Email and will extend your knowledge of the email process in Gmail. You will receive a set of notes to cover your situation. If not already done, we will help you to set up "Mail Fetcher" in Gmail so that you can read your messages from another account. There is no need to change your email address, but from now on you will have two addresses. You will operate them both from Gmail.


Students must be know the User ID and Password for their other account to set up Mail Fetcher.

Topics Covered Include

Skills Required

Confidence and experience in basic email skills is necessary, this course will extend and enhance your options in email. Students should complete Level 1 "Elementary Word Processing in Email" before enrolling in this course. Formatting in HTML/Rich Text format is not covered in this course.