Apple iPad - moving on with your iPad (level 2) [Course 132]

Five 2 hour classes for $35


This course is for those who have completed the Level 1 course or have been using an iPad for some time and are confident in all the topics in the Level 1 six session course. You will work in a group with one or more tutors. There may be videos and some projected tutorial material to help, but you will mainly work on your own iPad under the guidance of your tutor. The list of topics covers some but not necessarily all topics covered. The full content of the course may depend on the experience of those participating in the class.


There will be some revision to enable you to build on earlier work.

Topics Covered Include

Skills Required

Confidence in the topics listed in the iPad for Beginners Workshop Level 1 You must also know your Internet Service Provider, your email address and password.

Hardware Required

Bring your own iPad which must be ready to use, in other words, it must have had the initial setup done and be internet ready.

Software Required

Your iPad must also be running the latest version of the software which is iOS9