Basic Computing skills in Windows10 (level 1) [Course 137]

Six 2 hour classes for $45


Windows 10 is the latest version of a long line of Microsoft Windows systems. It is designed for modern computers of all types. It is linked to the internet for getting Apps from the huge numbers in the online Store, plus the free OneDrive feature which automatically stores copies of your files safely in the internet as a backup. This is an introductory course for beginners who wish to get started and learn the basics of Windows10. It is also suitable for people who know a little bit already but want to fill in the gaps in their knowledge. You will learn how to start the computer, explore the START menu and desktop, understand Apps and programs, manipulating windows, using the mouse, the keyboard, Search, Edge, Google, SNEB website, writing and email basics. This course will give you a foundation of skills, which will help you to advance to other SNEB courses such as word processing.


No previous experience is necessary, although those with limited experience of Windows 10 will find it very useful. Beginners who are touch typists with their knowledge of the standard querty keyboard will have a huge head start!

Topics Covered Include

Hardware Required

To come to SeniorNet, you must own your own computer and have a Broadband internet connection. Your computer can be a desktop or a laptop with the Windows10 operating system.

Software Required

A computer running Windows10