Facebook 101 for Seniors (level 2) [Course 140]

Two 2 hour classes for $15

Stream#825: Sheryn, 2pm - 4pm, 10 places left

Wed, May 02, 09, 2018


See how to create, use and maintain a Facebook page of your own.


You should have confidence in the basics of using your chosen device and be very familiar with internet and email processes.z

Uses for This

Topics Covered Include

Skills Required

Confidence in the basics of using your chosen device is necessary. You should understand that this is a "cross platform" course; that is, members with Apple, iPad, Android and Windows devices are all welcome. But it is important that participants know how to “handle” their device; it is expected that you can access the internet, have basic navigational skills on a web-page and can download apps from the appropriate 'App Store' for your device.

Hardware Required

Bring your own device