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This page provides links to manuals, guides and tips to help you to use the texting facility on your mobile phone. However, each phone brand and model is different, so the links below are presented to help you with your particular one.


Device-Support, General
Select a mobile or smart business device access its manuals, support information and set up guides.
Device-Support, Nokia
Select your Nokia model from the list
Device-Support, Motorola
Choose your Motorola model from the list
Vodafone Tips
Includes PXT


Finding your phone type and model
Telecom has no Motorola models available and they probably do not deal with that company.
TXT Messaging page


Select your Nokia model
Nokia 6015
Nokia Models for New Zealand
Open your user guide and the section on messaging will get you started
Older Nokia Phone Models for New Zealand
When you cannot find your model anywhere else look in this Nokia archive. For models such as 3810 where Nokia can provide no material at all they suggest a comparative model will suffice. In this case 3310 may provide the user guide that works for 3810

Two Degrees

Home Page
Help & Support

Hidden Model Numbers

To find the model number when it is not visible, switch off the phone and remove the battery. The model number should be printed on the white label underneath.

Handy Uses for Texting

Apart from texting your grandkids, there are quite a number of handy uses for texting, such as:

Parking – Pay and Display Machines
Telecom and Vodafone subscribers can now pay for parking by Text

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