Computer Tuition

SNEB’s main function is to running courses on a wide range of IT topics for older adults. These courses start in early February and run through till the end of November.
Many classes are intended for beginners but others cater for intermediate and quite advanced users. The tutors are all volunteers.
As you become more experienced you may be requested to assist with this teaching programme and share with others the benefits you have received.
See the Courses page for descriptions and times/dates of classes. The Calendar shows day-by-day details of all classes, discussion groups and meetings for the next few months.

SNEB Beginners iPad Class

SNEB Beginners iPad Class

Open Meetings

All members of SNEB can attend Open Meetings, whether they are currently enrolled in a course or not. As with courses, Open Meetings are held at our premises at the Seventh Day Adventist Church Rooms, 118 Apirana Avenue (Corner Eastview Road and Apirana Avenue), Glen Innes and normally on the third Wednesday of the Month, February through to November from 10am till noon.
Advance notices of all meetings and future events are maintained on this web site and in our weekly email news letters.
Generally with Open Meetings, the first hour is formal, after which there is a tea and coffee break before the second half, in which more questions are taken.
Open Meetings come in two varieties:

1) Invited Speaker Meetings

Up till now, simply called Monthly Meetings, they feature an invited speaker, generally from the Computing, IT or related industry or someone whose work has a strong computing flavour. The June meeting traditionally doubles as the Annual General Meeting.

2) Demonstration and Discussion Meetings

Originally called “Q&A” sessions. In the first part, a tutor usually demonstrates a particular topic, software package or technique. In the second there is a discussion about this topic or any other questions that members may want to bring up.
It will help you if you know if your computer’s operating system is Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7

Acknowledgement of support

Auckland Council

We appreciate the support we receive from the Auckland Council towards Grants received towards our rental costs.