Joining SNEB and Enrolling in Courses

Contacting, Joining and Enrolling

The simplest is to click on Contact Us on the menu strip. Up will pop a simple form that you can fill in and then click on the Send button.

Before you can enrol in any course, you must obtain Provisional Membership. To do that, you (or a computer-literate friend on your behalf) must click on the Join button on the main menu strip and proceed from there.

At the end of this, as a Provisional Member, you will be assigned a Username and a Password. Once we have received your subscription fee ($40), you will become a Current Member (and the same Username and Password pair will apply).

But, from the moment you become a Provisional Member, you may provisionally enrol in any current stream and/or register interest in any course that appears on the Courses page. To do this, you must first Log In (on the main menu strip, to the right), then click on the Enrol button, on the same main menu strip. From the Enrol page, click inside the boxes of the stream(s) in which you wish to enrol and/or inside the boxes of the courses you’d be want be advised further about if enough interest is shown and, finally, click on the red Send button.

A confirming message will then appear and you are invited to return to the home page. When you next open your emails, one will list those provisional enrollments and expressions of interest. If you do not receive the confirmation email (usually within a few minutes), please repeat the routine or leave a message on the SNEB voicemail at (09)5282751.

Within a day or two¬† you should receive a further email, either notifying you of your place in a specific course or advising that you are on the waiting list for the course and you’ll be notified again when it is scheduled.

Members Log In

To Log In to this web-site, start by clicking on the Log In link on the far right of the menu strip.The WordPress Log In box will pop up. Your WordPress Username is the same as your SNEB Identity and your current WordPress Password will be your email address (unless you are not a new member and have changed your password).

Once you have entered those in the pop-up box and just before you click on the Log In button, you can tick the Remember Me box (by clicking inside it). That enables the Future Automatic Log In whenever you visit – so you will not have to Log in each time you visit.

Members Details

When you are logged in and then click on Enrol or Contact Us, you’ll see that there is much less information required – your key details have already been filled in from the database.

Speaking of which, note that the My Details link will have appeared on the menu strip just to the right of the “Links” button. You can click on that and make any edits or updates to your contact and/or hardware and software details. After completing changes in Member’s Details, don’t forget to click the Save Changes button at the bottom left, before the Return to Home Page button.

You can no longer change your password on the Member’s details page. To change your password return to the Home page, notice the thin, black line at the top, follow it to the far right and hover your mouse where it says “Howdy” . Then click on “Edit My Profile” in the drop down list which will have appeared and proceed from there. Scroll down to Account Management and New Password. Click in the slot with Generate Password; this will generate a strong new password which you will never remember. Delete it and type in your chosen password; WordPress will judge the strength of your new password in colour! If you decide to keep a weak password, you will have to confirm its use with a tick in the appropriate box. Do not forget to click on Update Profile at the bottom of the page.

Now Join in the Forum on the “Articles” Page

Note that, once you have seen to all the above, future visits will be seamless. The extra advantage with being a registered, logged in member on this site is that you can comment on any of the articles on the “Articles” page and even submit a whole new one of your own. Your first two will need to be cleared by an Editor but after that you’ll be able to publish directly, subject to the usual rules of publication.