News and Magazine Sites


BBC News, background and opinion from the one of the very best web sites
CNN News, background and opinion from a US perspepective.
Fox News News, background and opinion from this rival to CNN.
Huffington Post Not a shrinking violet
LA Times Strong local, state, national and international coverage
New York Times Many free articles from this famous newspaper
Reuters Good business news coverage
Russia Today Also includes International, US and UK news and comment
Sydney Morning Herald Excellent coverage from across the Tasman
The Economist US, UK and International Editions. Partly paywalled
The Telegraph From the UK
Time News, background and insight from this famous magazine

New Zealand

Eastern Courier Our local free newspaper
Google News NZ Coverage of NZ and World events
National Business Review Business and wider news, background and insight
News Hub Including from TV3 and Radio Live
New Zealand Herald Still mostly free content from our largest newspaper
One News Now TV One News plus clips from TV
Radio NZ News
Stuff News and background from many city and provincial newspapers
The Aucklander Auckland News, Sport, Opinion, Features and Weather

Scientific, Technical and More

Aon Philosophy Science Psychology Health Society Technology and Culture
Arts & Letters Daily A must-see, award winning site
CNET Technical news, product reviews and more
Discovery News News, articles and videos from this popular channel
National Geographic Articles, photos and videos from interesting people and places
Nature Absorbing coverage of science, technology and medicine
New Scientist Excellent articles on scientific, medical and technical subjects by this rival to Nature
Scientific American Website of this long famous magazine. Many free articles
SciTech Daily Extensive coverage of all branches of science and technology
Slashdot News for nerds. Stuff that matters. Real people also welcome.
Wired News and insight into leading edge technology
ZDNet News and commentary on latest hardware and software products