Reference Sites


Acronym Finder Lookup acronyms, abbreviations, or initialisms
Aphorisms Galore All those wise sayings you wish you could remember
Cliche Finder Find them before they find you Also a Thesaurus and an Encyclopedia
Quotations Page Who said or wrote that?
Quotationz What the wise said about a given subject
Skeptics Dictionary Good antidote to hype, pseudoscience and superstition
What is? Compter and Internet Encyclopedia


Answers Combined dictionary and encyclopedia and more
Bartleby Great Books Online
Britannica Considered the world’s best, including some free material
eHow Clear instructions on how to do (just about) everything Reference information you can trust
How Stuff Works Learn How Everything Works
InfoPlease Encyclopedia, Almanac, Atlas, Biographies, Dictionary, Thesaurus.
Made How How Products are Made
Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia that anyone can edit
World Atlas Maps, Flags and Geography Facts and Figures


Access NZ Includes Regional Breakdown
Corbis Large collection of Photos and Images
Internet FAQ Archives Usenet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Internet Archive Includes the WayBack Machine. Look up older versions of most websites, including SNEB
New Zealand Maritime Index Vessels, organisations, subjects, and people indexed by the Maritime Museum
NZ Search Directory of NZ Web Sites
Open Directory The largest human-edited directory of the Web
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection Up-to-date Maps
Questia Has the full contents of half a million books and journals
Search Engine Colossus International Directory of Search Engines
WWW Virtual Library Directory of quality web sites


International White and Yellow Pages International directory of names, addresses, phone and fax numbers
NZ Address and Postcode Finder And postal rates and more
NZ White Pages Faster than thumbing through.
Yellow The NZ Yellow Pages
Yahoo! As much a directory as a search engine