Search Sites


Google NZ sends you here
Google Advanced Search Refine your searches the easy way
Google Advanced Scholar Search Filters by Author, Subject and Date
Google Directory Steadily narrow down your topic
Google Image Search Comprehensive
Google Products Many more than you think

Meta-Search Engines

Clusty Neatly organises the results
Dogpile All the best search engines rolled into one
FinderSeeker Can refine by category and country
Itools All search resources in one place
Metacrawler An oldie but a goodie
Ref Desk The single best source for facts? Uses a wide mix of search engines
Webcrawler Another well established site

Major Rivals To Google

A9 Used by Amazon and other heavyweights
All the Web Owned by Yahoo
Ask Was “Ask Jeeves” – ask it a question
Blekko Searches only the sites you want and cuts out the spam sites.
Bing Microsoft’s latest search engine could be a winner
Copernic Also available as desktop search
GigaBlast Also answers questions
Turbo 10 Searches the Deep Net
Wise Nut Claims to get an exact match
Yahoo! One the oldest and best

New Zealand Focused

Search New Zealand The easy way to search the NZ Internet
Web Wombat Australian and New Zealand coverage
Yahoo!7 Has an “NZ Only” option