Site Guide

  • Looking along the main menu above, the Home page is the one on the left of this one (The Site Guide). If you click on Rangitoto from anywhere on the site, you will be returned there.
  • The Articles page covers recent, upcoming or historical events at SNEB by date and category, plus members’ comments. The RHS table lists upcoming courses still with vacancies in starting order.
  • Hover over the the Key Info button and you can then select any of the following:
  • Back on the main menu, the Courses page shows complete lists and descriptions of all courses, streams and meetings for the next 30 weeks.
  • The very handy Calendar page shows the date and time of each class, meeting and seminar described in Courses. Click any new stream link (underlined) for a pop-up box showing course details.
  • Contact Us is a simple way to ask us anything about SNEB. You don’t need an email account to use it.
  • The Join/Enrol drop-down menu is a key one:
  • Guides is placeholder for another drop-down menu, this time for help with Windows 10, Internet TV, Which Computer to Buy, Frequently Asked Questions, Glossary of IT Terms, FAQ and Texting Tips.
  • Similarly, Links drops-down to links about Auckland, Consumer Info, Genealogy, IT, Computers, Devices, Software, Internet, News, Magazines, Photo and Camera-Related, Reference and Search.
  • If you are a logged-in Provisional or Current member, you’ll see your My Details link to the right of the Links drop-down. Here, you can review or update your contact details and view your course records. Note: If those are blank, as can happen, return to the home page, log out and then back in again.
  • Finally, on the right-most end of the main menu are the Search Site box and the Log In link itself:
    • The Search Site box will return all pages and posts containing the word or phrase you enter (and then click on the “magnifying glass” icon).
    • The Log In link will take you to a pop-up, WordPress box where (if you are already a Current or Provisional member) you supply your SNEB username and password to enable full participation.
      Note for members: If, despite the “Howdy” greeting, your “My Details” info is blank, just return to the main page, log out and then back in again. Ditto if “Enrol” or “Contact Us” doesn’t know your first name – just redo the log in and try again. Properly logging out of this and all other sites is as important as logging in.