Vikas Vij, Tech Solutions Specialist from Noel Leeming, Explores Many Issues at March Meeting

At our March Monthly meeting, we met Vikas Vij, from the 12-year-old Tech Solutions division of the Noel Leeming chain. That division continues to do installation and troubleshooting¬†work but has now expanded into more educational and on-going support roles as well. This comprehensive service covers all the devices and combinations … Continue reading

Paul Caldwell Presents the Internet of Things and Big Data

At the April Monthly Meeting, Paul Caldwell presented a far-reaching overview of the latest consumer and professional IT technology. His excellent and detailed PowerPoint presentation was entitled The Internet of “Things” and you can download and view the PDF of it here. Paul started by recounting Moore’s Law, first stated … Continue reading

Your phone(s), your tv and you

It scarcely needs saying but let it again be said: one of the benefits of SeniorNet membership is the opportunity to keep up to date with technology. And it was a true updating that members enjoyed when Chris Sullivan from Vodafone discussed the latest and the forthcoming developments in a … Continue reading

Pads, Tablets, Smart Phones and Crossover Devices

Grant Sidaway Informs and Entertains September Meeting There was an excellent turnout for our first meeting to be held in the adjacent Church Auditorium and just as well, as we would not have been able to accommodate all those who attended in our learning room. Grant, in his typical entertaining … Continue reading